What we have to offer

The Telecommunications Museum of Fredonia, New York is an educational and fun experience that will suit all facets of our community. The museum was created for the intended use of the whole family. Each aspect of the museum was created with kids, parents and teachers in mind. Whether you are a museum member, parent, teacher or child our goal was to show you the evolution of telecommunications over the past 106 years.

Phone book display

Each of the five museum rooms are full of telecommunication artifacts which each tell a specific story. There are a wide variety of items that you may see everyday, some that you have forgotten about and many that you may have never even known existed. An antique phone booth, service vehicle bucket, phone lines, antique phones and much more reside in each of the five rooms. An entire room is dedicated just for the written history of telecommunications for educational purposes.

Central Office equipment display

You can access each item's explanation by using one of the two state of the art computers that the museum possesses. The sole purpose of these computers is to educate the museum visitors, regardless of age. There is an interactive inventory of each item in our data base. Each item also has a caption along side it that gives a brief description of that item.

Museum Hours

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